for the last 20+ years, theresa m cooper has been working as a creative director in the crazy mad men world of advertising. in that world, she has sold it all — beer. tacos. suv’s. shampoo. tampons — and she’s done it at some of america’s best known ad agencies. leo burnett. foote cone & belding. bbdo. y&r and mullen. and somehow, during all of that, she has managed to travel around the world, live in some of america’s most dynamic cities, and elevate brands of all kinds, big and small, with humor and with elegance. from childhood on a farm in ohio riding horses, school in atlanta and a career that has brought her from the midwest to the west coast and back, theresa has developed an arsenal of varied styles and influences that has put a smile on every one of her client’s faces. an art director by profession, theresa is also a talented artist and photographer. put simply, theresa makes things look great. including every brand she touches. she met her husband in first grade and dated him in the 7th. then after graduating from their small town high school, they went their separate ways. he joined the navy and she went off to college and her life in advertising. she recently married that childhood sweetheart after reconnecting on facebook. how’s that for social networking?

theresa and matthew currently live in winston-salem, nc, with their australian shepherds, border collies and a marvelous mystery mutt. they also work with rescue groups in their area and  help out with transportation and fostering.

however, it’s her extensive creative experience as well as her love of animals that you see thrive in her photographic work. she not only loves to work with clients on a personal level shooting portraits of their furry family members, but she also enjoys shooting the energetic canine sport world, of which she also participates in with her dogs. theresa loves working with natural light and prefers to work outside as opposed to a studio setting. take a moment and browse through her website or follow her on facebook.

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